One day can change everything

One day can change everything

Happy Friday everyone, wine is chilling for tonight and I plan on taking the weekend off maybe even 3 days to chill hence so many posts past few days 😀 didn’t want to miss out showing you some of the awesome stuff available out there 😀  Not much to say other than have a great weekend everyone and if your in the uk have an extra long weekend ♥

Serenity Style– Zen Pavilion & Cushion @ Deco(c)rate (August)

Serenity Style- Zen Pool Pavilion

Serenity Style- Zen Cushion


Mesh India – Zen Garden Décor @ Deco(c)rate  (August)

MI Stone Lantern Light ON/OFF

MI Stone & Zen Sand Décor

MI Bonsai & Zen Sand Décor

MI Bamboo Water Fountain Décor


Zen Creations – Zen Garden

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